55 Clever Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces

31 Clever Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces

You have to be clever with small gardens to create something simple and uncomplicated in the limited space available. A small yard is, in effect, a courtyard garden, and very different effects can be achieved within tight boundaries. Gardening in small spaces is generally overlooked in garden design manuals. Garden design is often presented as a list of principles or rules, and there is value in the key elements of garden design, but they are too often illustrated on a grand scale.

Small gardens, tiny terraces and petite patios may require a little more thought than larger spaces, but even the tiniest plot can be transformed into an elegant outdoor retreat. A good rule of thumb is not to design anything too busy, and avoid too many decorative elements. Small gardens have lots of advantages, the big one is that they’re wonderfully low maintenance. They’re also great spaces to be creative, as even the smallest additions.

If you are looking for small garden ideas, you are on the right place. We have collecting this 55 Clever Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces to inspire you. Take a look at them and find some inspirations! Explore and don’t forget to share!

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