30 Small Cottage House Plans Ideas

11 Small Cottage House Plans Ideas

A cottage house plan was thought of as a “small” home with the origins of the word coming from England. Most cottages were formally found in rural or semi-rural locations. An old-fashioned term which conjures up images of a cozy, picturesque home.

With thoughtful, innovative designs, they have discovered a small house actually leads to simpler yet fuller life. Connecting them with whole family, friends and nature. The Cottage house plan has, in the past, been thought of in terms of a two story home with lower living space and second floor bedrooms, unlike the bungalow styled homes.

Oftentimes, these homes were considered to have playful, whimsical and storybook exterior features with charming details. This post will show you 30 Small Cottage House Plans Ideas that inspiring. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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