55 Genius Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas

Genius Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas043

If you are a renter, then you have to discuss with landlord whats shouldn’t do when you’re going to decorate the apartment. Working within the boundaries of your landlord, it’s little things like a new light fixture that will make an impact without costing a lot of time or money.

The walls are off-white, the bathrooms and kitchen are in need of a serious overhaul, and there’s very little character to the place. The solution you can do is some very clever apartment decorating hacks. change up the paint job in a big way, hang curtains to spruce up walls, change up the handles and door knobs, upgrade the light fixtures that are already there, create DIY art, and many more ideas you can do.

On this post we’re trying to give you inspirations. Just scroll down and browse our 55 Genius Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas to get inspirations. Enjoy and please share to your friends!

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