67 Amazing Cottage House Exterior Ideas

045 Amazing Cottage House Exterior Ideas

When it comes to your home’s architectural, you might assume that what you see is just what you get. But there’s no reason you should succumb to a drab exterior. Even small changes can be impactful. The dull concrete stoop must be painted to match, and shaker shingles dress up the canopy to offer just enough style and warmth. Finally, a few plants add polish and bring life back to the dreary yard.

The front door you choose is important when you’re going for that cottage vibe. If you want your home to seem open and airy and welcoming, you’ll definitely want a front door with a large window. While most English cottages leave off a front porch, many American cottages have them. Just choose what’s fits your style.

To give you some inspirations, we post this 67 Amazing Cottage House Exterior Ideas. Make your cottage house cozy and enjoyable with your style! Browse our ideas below and share to your friends!

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