50 Gorgeous Bathroom Vanity Mirror Design Ideas

Gorgeous bathroom vanity mirror design ideas (5)

Mirrors are a bathroom necessity, but they often fall when it comes to style. We know that a large mirror when strategically placed can immediately make even a tiny bathroom look that much larger but you can go a step further to really amp up the size of this room. They can include many elements of design, such as color, texture, pattern and shape, in one piece.

If space allows for it, set up a vanity separate from the sink, and use mirrors to help designate different areas. You’ll appreciate having these separate spots. Placing a vanity in a corner takes advantage of every inch of floor space and also allows for storage options on two walls. A recessed cabinet installed into a sidewall is a smart way to capture space that is typically overlooked. Here is 50 Gorgeous Bathroom Vanity Mirror Design Ideas from us. Enjoy!

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